A Power Point has been developed for Scheduling information. Please click the link below to access the Power Point presentation.


All student schedule requests will be done online through the Infinite Campus Portal. Parents can review student course requests through the Portal during the scheduling process. If parents need a User ID and password to access their Infinite Campus account, please contact Mrs. Bartlett, 899-7643 ext. 1503.

Parents and students are encouraged to download the applicable curriculum guide and review it thoroughly prior to selecting courses.

Select the appropriate downloadable schedule request sheet listed below to print and complete. These scheduling sheets provide a simple list of which courses are available at each grade level.


Students are able to complete the Holland Inventory by downloading the following document:

Holland Type and Pathway Matches Inventory

If you are interested in college course work while at Iroquois, please see the Dual Enrollment information.

Contact the Guidance Department with questions: (814)899-7643 ext. 1532


These instructions are downloadable/printable HERE.

Sign in to Infinite Campus

Username: student ID number ONLY!!!! DO NOT put initials

Password: If you forgot your password, please click “forgot password” link

After logging in to Campus Student/Campus Parent, select More from the Index. Then select Course Registration. A list of Course Registration Enrollments displays.

  • Select the desired enrollment year (2020-2021 School Year)

Required, Requested and Alternate Courses

Core courses and required electives have been added to your schedule by your core class teachers and/or school counselors. These classes are listed as Required. Changes to these requests cannot be made (but you can discuss these choices with your counselor).

Courses you requested display as Requests. These requests can be modified (changed to alternates, removed, etc.)

Courses you requested as alternates display as Alternates. These requests can be modified (changed to requests, removed, etc.)

Change a course request to an alternate by selecting it from your list of courses and clicking the Convert to Alternate button.

Delete a request by clicking the red X from the Search Results or by selecting the course and clicking Delete Request.

Course Units

The Course units total indicates how complete your schedule is. A full schedule lists 56/64 units. The first number indicates how many units the student has requested. The second number indicates how many total units are needed. Please note that tutorial period is counted in the overall 64 units which is why a full schedule reads as 56/64 units instead of 64/64 units. Tutorial periods will be added to student schedules prior to schedules being finalized.

Adding a Request

Click the Add Course button. A list of courses available for selection displays.

Begin typing the name of the course in the Search field. Matching results display below the search field.

Select the desired Course. Information about that course (how many units and a description of the course) displays.

Add the course by clicking Add Request. Or, click the Add Alternate button. This adds the course as an alternate course in case you cannot be scheduled into other courses.

Return to the Add Course screen by clicking Back. Repeat these steps until you have a complete or near complete schedule.

Deleting a Request

Delete a request by clicking the red X from the Search Results or by selecting the course and clicking Delete Request.

For a faster way to request courses:

1.Search for the course.

2.Click the blue plus sign on the left.

3.In the popup message that displays, select RequestAlternate or Cancel.

Review Course Requests

Once your schedule reads 56/64 units, and you have selected at least 3.00 credits of alternates, you may review your selections and make any adjustments as needed. Please note that tutorial period is counted in the overall 64 units which is why a full schedule reads as 56/64 units instead of 64/64 units. Tutorial periods will be added to student schedules prior to schedules being finalized.

If you are satisfied with your requests, click the Print button. This generates a PDF of your required and requested courses. Your requests will save automatically.

Please note that the counselors make every attempt to schedule your requested courses first. However, there is no ”rank order” in your requested electives. In other words, just because you listed your requested elective coursework, it does not mean that your first requested elective course choice will fit into your schedule.



AP courses can help you acquire the skills and habits you will need to be successful in college. You will improve your writing skills, sharpen your problem-solving abilities, and develop time management skills, discipline, and study habits. More than 90% of 4-year colleges in the United States and colleges in more than 60 other countries give students credit, advanced placement or both on the basis of AP exam scores. By entering college with AP credits, you will have the time to move into upper level courses, pursue a double-major or study abroad.


Students who wish to take multiple AP courses must plan their course selections carefully. To achieve this goal, students will need to schedule multiple core courses in addition to AP courses concurrently, especially during their 11th and 12th grade year.

To aid students in taking as multiple AP courses, the AP courses are offered in an “A-B” year rotation. This allows ample time in the schedule to fit several of these courses into a students’ schedule and satisfy other graduation requirements.

Students are encouraged to pick a focus area of interest and plan multiple courses as a 2-year commitment. For example, if a student excels at science and math, they may want to schedule one or two AP courses in each of those disciplines each year. Please note that it is highly unlikely a student will be able to schedule all AP course offerings prior to graduation.


  • No more than two (2) AP courses should be scheduled per year.

  • AP course enrollment is subject to instructor approval.

  • Parents must sign the AP course enrollment approval agreement.

  • Only courses with ample enrollment will be conducted.


AP English Language
AP English Literature
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 1 (Algebra-based)
AP Psychology
AP American Government and Politics
AP U.S. History
AP Calculus AB
AP Statistics

AP Scheduling Request Forms

All students are encouraged to review the syllabus for any course they are taking PRIOR to summer vacation.

Parents must sign and return the AP Course Agreement to the guidance department BEFORE the end of the school year.

AP Course Syllabi


Through an agreement with the Wattsburg Area School District, students in grades 9-12 in the Iroquois School District can participate in ROTC (Reserve Office Training Corps). The program is run by the Air Force and housed at Seneca High School. Students must maintain good academic, behavioral, and attendance standing within the program and home school to continue to be eligible for the ROTC program. Students will earn 3.0 credits per year for participation in ROTC. These credits are typically applied as follows to the Iroquois School District Graduation requirements. 

Students should earn the following credits via AFJROTC:

Social Studies

   2.00 Credits
   2.00 Credits
   1.00 Credit
   1.00 Credit
   6.00 Credits

 5.00 Core Credits
+ 7.00 Electives

12.00 Credits

Any student interested in the ROTC program must complete the following AFJROTC Application and submit it to the Guidance Office as well as making ROTC an elective choice on their schedule.

AFJROTC Application