It is my goal to provide a safe environment where all learners can reach their potential through a variety of enriching and challenging courses. The students at Iroquois High School deserve nothing but the best opportunities to grow academically and to be prepared for their future in post-secondary education, the military, or the workforce.

I would like to see I.H.S. become one of the premier schools in our area. The staff and I are striving to bring the most updated learning concepts and technology to our students for career preparedness. We are all striving to make the school more than just an educational institution. Our students represent the future and with that, their success represents the school, the community, and their parents.

Iroquois High School is a school where our students are treated fairly and where they will receive an educational experience that transcends standard textbook learning. I.H.S. is a school where each student is praised as an individual and the overall success is comprised of those students and staff that interact on a daily basis.

Thank You,

Doug Wilson


Iroquois Jr./Sr. High School

814-899-7643 ext. 1501