The Iroquois Life Skills Association (ILSA) is an organization dedicated to meet the needs of students in the Jr./Sr. Life Skills classroom. The Life Skills students, as well as the Life Skills staff, dedicate their time and effort into creating various different items to sell as fundraisers. The Life Skills students gain many valuable leadership skills and confidence through selling school fundraiser products. Selling a product teaches the students how to think through the sales process and reach their goals. The Life Skills staff help the students work as a team. Teamwork is essential in the classroom and in the “real world” later on. Gaining teamwork skills early on is very important. Educational fundraisers require the students to work with each other, their parents and teachers to meet their overall goal. Learning to compromise and share ideas instead of insisting on having it their way will greatly help the Life Skills students throughout their lives. The ILSA organization works on developing various different skills. The fundraisers teach essential life skills and the profits also help meet the needs of the Life Skills students.