The Certified School Nurse performs many nursing services for the students and staff in the District including: first aid and emergency care, chronic disease management, education, physician ordered treatments and medication administration, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health Mandated School Health Services.

  • Growth screening yearly {height, weight, body mass index (BMI)}

  • Vision screening yearly

  • Hearing screening (grades K, 1, 2, 3, 7, and 11)

  • Scoliosis screening (grades 6 and 7)

  • Physical exam (entry into school and grades 6 and 11)

  • Dental exam (entry into school and grades 3 and 7)

  • Immunization assessment

  • Maintenance of student health records

Healthy Children Learn Better!



In October of 2018, the PA School Code was amended to include sun protection measures for students.

This allows for the use of non-aerosol topical sunscreen product by a student in school if:

  1. The product is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

  2. The parent/guardian must submit a form allowing the student to use the topical sunscreen.

  3. The student must submit a form stating that they are aware of the proper use and safety precautions of the product and will handle it appropriately.

The school may rescind and/or restrict the use of sunscreen if the student does not follow the school rules and/or the student is unwilling or unable to keep the non-aerosol sunscreen product guarded from other students' use.

The school will provide written notice to the parent/guardian if sunscreen use has been rescinded or restricted.

The school will not supply the sunscreen and staff are not responsible for ensuring that the sunscreen is applied by the student.