The Student Assistance Program (SAP) supports students who are experiencing challenges that affect their performance in the school setting. These challenges may be related to emotional issues, drug and alcohol use, depression, codependency issues, and other family problems. The SAP team members serve as case managers on assigned student cases. The case managers work with students to help identify struggles within the school setting. The SAP team members do not counsel students or provide therapy. Within the SAP process, team meetings are held to review cases and to identify professional resources that are available to the student and family.

Students, teachers, parents, coaches, advisors, administrators may all refer a student to SAP. Referrals are kept confidential. Anyone wishing to make a referral to SAP should contact the school counselor. Administrators, school counselors, school psychologist, teachers, drug and alcohol liaison, and a mental health liaison are all members of the SAP team process.