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Stephanie Kraft
Ext. 3113
Sarah Learn
Emotional Support Teacher
Special Education
Ext. 3118
Kimberly Lesik
3rd Grade Teacher
Grade 3
Ext. 5122
Candace Leslie
Art Teacher
Ext. 5111
Erica Luke
5th Grade Teacher
Grade 5
Ext. 5209
Tessa Mackey
School Psychologist
Special Education
Ext. 2007
Kathleen Magoon
Instructional Aide/Library
Ext. 3226
Melissa Mannarelli
Title I/READ 180 Teacher
Special Subject Faculty
Ext. 5202
Jeff McShane
Maintenance Specialist
Ext. 1309
Tiffany Melendez
SAP Counselor
Ext. 5123
Tessa Miller
4th Grade Teacher
Grade 4
Ext. 5125
Carolyn Minnaugh
Elementary Food Service Manager
Food Service
Ext. 4110
Maria Modzelewski
Director of Special Education
Ext. 4010
Michelle Moon
Kindergarten Teacher
Ext. 3107
Sarah Moser
Music Teacher
Ext. 6117
Stacey Olmstead
2nd Grade Teacher
Grade 2
Ext. 3239
Kelly Orlando
Food Service Director/The Nutrition Group
Food Service
Ext. 1306
Christen Osborne
Building Secretary
Ext. 2000
Kathy Pelc
SSIP Counselor
Ext. 3210
Rebecca Peterson
Instructional Aide/Autistic Support
Special Education
Ext. 5221