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Nikki Anderson
Learning Support Teacher K-2
Special Education
Ext. 3203
Maria Barbato
Director of Special Education
Ext. 4010
Jennifer Bayhurst
Kindergarten Teacher
Ext. 3108
Meredith Beals
Ext. 3227
Ric Becker
Tessa Benek
4th Grade Teacher
Grade 4
Ext. 5125
Lisa Blacksten
1st Grade Teacher
Grade 1
Ext. 3213
Amy Blakney
Instructional Aide/Emotional Support
Special Education
Ext. 3118
Lindsey Bloomster
STEM Long-Term Substitute Teacher
Special Subject Faculty
Ext. 3215
Lexie Buck
Food Service Director/The Nutrition Group
Food Service
Ext. 1306
Todd Burns
Mark Cadden
6th Grade Teacher
Grade 6
Ext. 5223
Jennifer Cadden
Physical Education Teacher
Health/Physical Ed.
Ext. 6109
Ricki Davis
Life Skills Teacher
Special Education
Ext. 3147
Mary Anne DeCoursey
Instructional Support Aide/Life Skills
Special Education
Ext. 3147
Suzanne Demyanovich
School Nurse
Student Health
Ext. 2004
Rebecca Dugan
2nd Grade Teacher
Grade 2
Ext. 3238
Leslie Durante
6th Grade Teacher
Grade 6
Ext. 5224
Emily Durovchic
Pre-K Teacher
Ext. 3148
Sarah Falbo
1st Grade Teacher
Grade 1
Ext. 3212