Picking up Student Belongings

Student Belongings Pick up

Information: Faculty and staff are working hard this week to gather and organize student belongings for distribution to families.  Because all belongings are organized in the gym alphabetically by grade-level homeroom, parent(s)/guardian(s) will pull into the bus loop at the time designated for their child(ren).  Staff will radio in to the gym to announce which belongings are needed and then bring them out to cars. Library books can also be returned at this time.

Families who have multiple children at various grade levels will be permitted to pick up belongings for siblings at a pick-up time that corresponds with at least one of their children. 

Monday, May 18

9:00-9:30- Mrs. Kiddo, Mrs. Davis, and Miss Pamula’s homerooms

9:30-10:00- Mr. Fenner and Mrs. Flagg’s homerooms

10:00-10:30- Mrs. Schmidt and Mrs. Luke’s homerooms

10:30-11:15- Mr. Cadden and Miss Durante’s homerooms

11:15-12:00- Mr. Rhoads and Ms. Graham’s homerooms

Tuesday, May 19

9:00-9:30- Mrs. Dugan and Miss Muffie’s homerooms

9:30-10:00- Miss Schlee and Mrs. Olmstead’s homerooms

10:00-10:30- Mr. Trapp and Mrs. Eberlein’s homerooms

10:30-11:00- Mrs. Timon and Mrs. Lesik’s homerooms

11:00-11:30- Miss Benek and Mrs. Smith’s homerooms

11:30-12:00- Mrs. Buzard and Mr. MacKelvey’s homerooms

Wednesday, May 20

9:00-10:00- Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Grant, and Mrs. Kehl’s homerooms

10:00-10:30- Mrs. Bayhurst and Miss Koeth’s homerooms

10:30-11:00- Mrs. Zukowski and Ms. Blacksten’s homerooms

11:00-11:30- Mrs. Falbo and Miss Arthurs’s homerooms

11:30-12:00- Last chance pick-up

Please call the IES office with any questions.  Thank you!