BUG Program:
The Kiwanis Club’s Bring Up Grades (BUG) is a program designed to provide recognition to students in grades 3-6 who raise at least one grade from one grading period to the next without dropping grades in any other subject. The goal is to motivate all students to do their best and achieve academically. It was created for use in school settings to encourage academic achievement and hard work across all learning levels.

The Kiwanis Club assists with BUG recognition events, provides awards, and establishes partnerships with local community businesses to secure support for the program (sponsoring businesses have the option of providing coupons or other incentives in order to encourage student achievement).

At the end of each quarter (2nd-4th) the students that raised at least one grade are recognized on the BUG Honor Roll and are honored with a certificate and gift presented by the Kiwanis Club of East Erie County. The awards ceremony is completed in conjunction with a breakfast for the students in the IES cafeteria.

K-Kids Club:
The K-Kids Club is a student-run community/school service club for students in grades 5-6. The club meets two times per month in the morning, with parental permission. The Club consists of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, faculty advisor, and Kiwanis advisor along with participating students. The purpose of the Club is to get students involved in community service projects/issues and promote citizenship, leadership, initiative and good moral character within the school (core values are character building, inclusiveness, caring, and leadership).

Projects include: Valentines/Holiday Cards and bingo at Twinbrook Medical Center, collecting soda can tabs for Ronald McDonald House/Shriners Hospital, PSSA pencils/highlighter organization, wrapping coins for Ovarian Cancer donations, having a bake sale (holiday gifts for Twinbrook Medical Center and a field trip), Walk For Autism participation and lunches with the Autistic Support Class, and hoping to assist with future IES courtyard beautification.

(Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive, Capable)
TERRIFIC Kids is a program designed to recognize students who set a good example for others by promoting character development and good citizenship. Students who earned BEES (see section above) or other outstanding students who have improved behaviorally are nominated by their teachers to be recognized at an assembly at the end of the year. Students are given an award and complimentary meal to a local restaurant.